2019 Best WiFi Backup Camera System android/Iphone wiring & installation Guide

At 2019 we spent testing and researching the most effective after-market rear-view cameras with monitors for your vehicle. we tend to suggest the reverse-camera WiFi back-up camera because the best overall as a result of it’s simple to put in, activates mechanically after you shift into reverse and uses a digital wireless signal to forestall interference. It’s affordable, however you’ll save a couple of a lot of greenbacks if you go together with our greatest price decide, that additionally performs well. each of these choices need splice into the wires in your tail lamps to power the camera – that isn’t as tough because it might sound – however if you would like to avoid that altogether, we tend to suggest the WiFi backup camera for its super simple installation.

What is? WiFi Backup Camera System

WiFi Backup Camera System where camera connects to smartphone – iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

best wifi backup camera system wiring

1, no need for mobile Internet traffic, a new transmission method, to achieve a truly intelligent reversing.

2, Apple, Android with WIFI equipment, can achieve wireless reversing rear view, video.

3, do not hang reverse gear, the vehicle is moving forward, the point software can also monitor the latter situation.

4, to achieve wireless reversing, eliminating complex installation procedures and saving installation costs.

5, using WIFI wireless transmission, pure digital signal without interference, the receiving end does not need any external equipment.

Wifi backup camera system installation video

    WiFi Backup Camera System Wiring

Two wiring methods:(This camera can also be installed in front of the car.)

The first type of wiring: the camera directly through the switch A, plug in the cigarette lighter power supply. This connection benefits, without breaking the original car line, wiring is simple, you can receive control camera on and off.

The second type of wiring: the red line of the camera extension cable is connected to the ACC positive (such as the fuse box +), the black wire is connected to the negative pole or grounded.


software download.

● QR code scanning and downloading;
open the scanning window and scan the product packaging QR code.
● Website download;

Apple device enters APP Srore interface search;

F-Car download
Android device enters Google Store search;

F-Car download
  Product installation (very important, please read it carefully)
1. Turn off the power supply of the vehicle first, and do not power on when the power cable of the camera is not connected.
2. Determine the installation position of the car camera.
The first installation method, select the location where the camera is installed, and find the two power cord wiring positions to install.
ACC power supply positive (red power cord), please pick up the ACC wiring position (such as the fuse box positive).
Ground the negative pole (black power cord), please pick up the negative wiring harness.
The second installation method, ACC and GND two wires are connected to the cigarette lighter, red is connected to the red wire, black wire is connected to the black wire, wrapped with tape, press the switch to use.
Install the camera, remove the license plate light, and connect the camera through the slot of the license plate light to the host. Connect the exact position of the power cord, start the vehicle, adjust the optimal reversing angle of view, fix the camera with screws, and finally fix the power cord with a cable tie.
  Second, accept the equipment precautions
1, must be Android 5.0 or above system can be used
2. The first time the device is used, the password connection must be entered correctly.
  three. General troubleshooting
Firstly, whether to fix the antenna fixing position and metal contact again, re-select the fixed position of the antenna and debug again.