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How to turn on backup camera while driving honda (toyota/ford/silverado/chevy/forward/pioneer/gmc),No matter what car, but how to use reverse camera while driving The starting principle is the same,rear view driving camera are divided into wired cameras and wireless mirror camera. Our product have best than ebay or any other platforms. the installation is simple, you can set in trucks, SUV, RV, or any car you want. Here is our product introduction and backup camera installation guide.

how to use rear view camera while driving

how to use rear view camera while driving R

The rear view camera (backup camera) will activate with the ignition switch ON,engine ON and the shift lever in the R(reverse) position.

This system is a supplemental system that shows behind the vehicle through the audio screen while backing up unless equipped with a navigation system ,then will display on the navgation screen.
Also,it displays rear view image when there is driver’s request even in N/D gear.It provides image optimized for driving mode unlike parking mode image.All three conditions must be met to operate driving assist mode.
– IGN Status:ON
– Engine Status:ON
– Gearshift Status:D or N
– Rear view camera switch:ON
The system is a supplementary funciton only.It is the reasponsibility of the driver to always check the inside/outside rear veiw mirrons and the area behind the vehicle before and while backing up because there is a dead zone that can’t be seen by the camera.
Always keep the camera lens clean.If lens is covered with foreign matter, the camera may not operate normally.
Warning-Backing & uning camera
Never rely solely on the rear view camera when backing.You must always use methods of viewing the area behind you including looking over both shoulders as well as continuously checking all three rear view mirrors.Due to the difficulty of ensuring that the area behind you remains clear,always back slowly and stop immediately if you even suspect that a person,and especially a chinld,might be behind you.


how to use rear view camera while driving Video demo

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