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Backup camera is a good safety option for reversing, because you can easily see the area behind your car. If you have children / obstacles / others behind your car, you can see everything with the help of the backing camera. Learning how to install an inverted camera is important for the user, because he can understand the working principle of the rear view camera, and is more conducive to the inspection of the failure of the camera.

Rear view camera is divided into wired and wireless, and divided into rear view camera special and reversing camera universal car, but the rear view camera wiring method of reversing camera   installation is consistent.


Every trendy automobile owner must study backup camera installation guide to find out the way to move it. There ar totally different styles of rear-view cameras on the market. At first, you have got to search out out the simplest backup camera. Most of those rear-view cameras aren’t troublesome to put in.

Backup / Rear view camera installation guide images

You can do the installation by yourself once reading the installation guides or look video tutorials regarding a way to have them put in. once reading the tutorials, you’ll be able to perceive the assorted elements it needed and skills these elements work.

Backup / Rear view camera [ installation Wiring Loom ]

  • Feamal RCA (Yellow) + RCA Extension Cable ( Red:[12V +(Red) To backup lamp power and To reverse monitor/GPS Cable]) + Video Adaptor Cable
  • Female Poer Connector (Red) + Male Power Connector (Black) GROUND (Black) To backup lamp (-ve)


Rear view camere wiring images
Rear view camere wiring images

Backup camera trigger wires installation guide

For the installation, you need the following items and they include:

  • RCA cable
  • The power harness
  • The camera

These area unit the foremost vital things you need, there can be a couple of others.

Backup Camera RCA Cable

This is another item required for the backup camera installation. This is discussed in the camera section and it usually includes the yellow RCA video cable. this can be used for video association.it’s function is to trigger the monitor from the camera.

The cable long can vary and it will vary from 45cm to 65cm long. There ar instances wherever the cable may be blank oxide. it’s a raw lead, and it may be used for various things.

Moreover, it’s necessary to state that in the installation method that these cables ar used otherwise. as an instance, the yellow inputs ar meant only for the video signal whereas the red and therefore the black input is intended for power then on.

Rear View Camera The Power Harness

The power harness is another instrument you need for the affiliation and therefore the installation. This includes DC power connexion. It includes of twelve volts power lead, additionally as black ground lead. this can be chiefly a male DC power connexion. It additionally includes feminine twelve volts power pin then on.

Backup camera

The camera is that the most vital item you would like throughout the installation. The camera is comparable to the monitor. this is often as a result of they need similar options cherish single cable and DC power plug as well as yellow RCA wire. you would the backup camera to watch the Rear obstacle as you Reversing.

Rear view camera, additionally called a backup camera, helps you to see what’s behind your vehicle while not having to appear backwards. although the device comes commonplace with several new automobile models, you’ll be able to add a rear view camera to your vehicle if it didn’t accompany one.

Night vision rear view colour camera

Backup camera installation guide:

Furthermore, it’s vital to inform the users that the monitor might not have trigger wire, this doesn’t recommend that it will solely be used manually. this is often not the case. Most monitors aren’t fitted with trigger wire which is as a result of they possess what’s called video sense feature. The video feed will continuously build them run mechanically.
Backup camera monitor
If you want to continue installation, here are some steps and procedures. You must comply with this.

Rear view camera/Backup Camera Installation processes:

Cutting holes on the safety box

1. Cutting holes on the safety box
The first phase of the installation process is that you have to attract the power to the monitor. You only need to connect the red line to the volt power, and then connect the black line to the ground. To send the power to the monitor, you must go to the fuse box. The way the monitor works is determined by the trigger line used for connection.

The best way of installation is to connect it to the positive side of the vehicle reversing lamp. When this is opened, the monitor will automatically open whenever the gear is placed opposite.

If you want to install it for manual operation, you do not have to connect to this operation. You can connect on the source, which means that whenever you open the key, the monitor opens.
As long as you turn off the engine, it will flameout. This mechanism is the best for those who use commercial vehicles.

Backup camera installing

2. Installing the backup camera:

You just saw the first step of the connection. The second step is not the same as the first. For this connection, you simply connect the A4 harness to the output of the camera, which is usually regarded as the A4 wiring harness of the female output.

3. Connecting power to both the monitor and the rear view camera:

In this step, you must send the power to the camera by simply connecting the red line to a 12 volt power supply. Alternatively, you can connect to the positive side of the reverse side of the vehicle and connect the black to the ground.

rear view camera connect with monitor

4. Monitor installation
When you are convinced that the monitor has taken the power out of the fuse box, the camera will also draw power from the reverse taillight. It is time for the system to work.

Connect to the camera, then use the standard yellow cable (also known as the A5 cable) to continue the connection. When connecting, please refer to the information provided above, because it will guide you to complete the connection process.

When you know that the connection has been passed, the next step is to clean up the connection. Whenever it opens the key, or when it reversing, it will start working.

Rear view camera installation Guide 4 steps

1. Connect the positive and negative power provide wire of backup camera installation with the positive and negative leads of Backup lightweight (Backup Light).

When the backup lightweight activates, the backup camera activates furthermore.

Note: don’t connect the ability provide wire of backup camera with visual signal or Tail lightweight.

2. Connect the backup camera video cable with the backup camera / rear view camera install RCA video input cable from radio harness.

Note: don’t connect the backup camera video cable with Video-in RCA input cable from radio.

3. Connect the Backup ( Back ) Camera police investigation lead ( Blue color or Orange/White modify totally different model ) from radio harness with the positive terminal of Backup lightweight.

When the radio detects the backup lightweight is on by voltage, the radio switches into backup camera input mode mechanically.

Some of the backup cameras’ video cable hooked up ( confer with underneath image ) with a trigger wire to increasethe backup camera police investigation result in the positive terminal of backup lightweight.

4.If there’s not a trigger wire from the video cable, you would like to own a extension wire to attach the backup Camera police investigation lead and positive terminal of Backup lightweight.

Note: This wire affiliation is that the most vital step for the installation Guide.

If the radio cannot switch into backup camera input mode mechanically once the backup lightweight is on, please check the barge between the police investigation lead and trigger wire or the matter that the trigger wire broken some elements.

best rear view camera guide
Best Backup / Rear view camera wiring & installation Guide


Video based connection system

Video based connection system

The backup camera installation guidelines discussed above do not apply to video based systems. It is a system based on the trigger line. The connection discussed earlier is almost the same.

When you want to make video based connections, the first thing to do is to master all the components. This will help the installation process.
For video based connections, you need the following items. They include the following:

    1. RCA cable
    1. Camera power wire harness
    1. monitor
    1. Movie camera
    1. Monitor power wire harness

These are the basic components or items that you need for this connection. These projects should perform important functions, which are as follows:
Audio and video lines
Another aspect of the installation process is the RCA cable. This is an important aspect, which includes the RCA video cable connected to the camera. It has an important purpose. It can supply monitors from cameras.

Camera power wire harness
This includes a DC power connector, which is the power cord. The DC power connector is connected to the 12 volt power lead, just like black is used for grounding leads. It also uses a 12 pin power plug.

Monitors are essential for this installation. The monitor of this connection has tails. This, in turn, has video input. The input is RCA cable, it has different coat, red, white, yellow cable.

White and yellow jackets are designed for video input. If you get used to the wiring in the TV, you will not find it difficult to install because it requires the same wiring process.

Movie camera
The camera is the most important part of the system. This is not the same as the case found in the connection of the trigger. They are different in some ways. It has two parts of the wiring harness. This type of camera does not require large holes and can be connected in a waterproof manner.

Monitor power wire harness
This is another important aspect of the installation process. The monitor is characterized by a power cord, which is always connected to a red or black DC power connector. The other side of it is two wires.

They include red lines and black lines. Black wires, as usual, will be on the ground, while the red line will become positive power supply.

Backup camera install Final report:
This is what you need to install a backup camera. The installation process is not difficult, as you described from above. Usually, manufacturers include guidance, which can help you in connection and installation process.

This means that you should read the instructions and follow it. In addition, video tutorials are available. You can watch video tutorials and follow instructions. You can do it yourself. If you think it is not easy to do this, you can hire an expert to do it for you.

The video based backup camera installation, this is the stages it will take:

how- to install backup camera step one

1, Connect car charger with rear view morrot and plug into cigarette lighter.(The installation process must be started by connecting the DC power harness to the monitor designed for power input. You have to make sure and make the right connection.)

how- to install backup camera step two

2, Connect transmitter with rear view cmeras. (the connection is to connect the power to the power monitor. You can connect the red line to the 12 volt power supply and then bring the black to the ground. Usually, the power supply to the monitor is taken out of the fuse box.)

how- to install backup camera step three

3, Find out the +12V backtup camera reverse light cable in R-gerar with test pencil.(Now is the time to connect the video taillight and camera power to the camera connector. As mentioned, pigtail is important because it enables the power available to the camera and connects the video output to the monitor.)

how- to install backup camera step four

Effect (connect the power to the camera, you can connect it to the red line and the 12 volt power simply. Black cables should enter the ground as usual. The energy that comes into the camera is usually from the reverse taillight.)

Free online rear view camera installation guide

Most cameras are equipped with user backup installation instructions. It is suggested that you check the guide before installing the camera. Reverse cameras can be used in all sizes and shapes to meet your personal preferences and preferences. This is the style you like, but your choice should provide a clear rear light outline or picture.Having a thought of that’s about to assist you within the installation method is equally necessary. Even first-time users will simply get them put in when reading the guides. Most makers create these guides out there. you merely have to be compelled to perceive them and recognize the assorted parts.

If you’ve recently purchased a system from Reverse-cameras.com, please browse through these simple directions to be told the way to install a rear read safety camera install Guide. Installation will sometimes be done by the client, and that we supply a fee schoolsupport line must you would like more help.


Rear view camera doesn’t work

Reversing camera Effect diagram of normal work display
Reversing camera Effect diagram of normal work display

1. If the Backup camera is newly installed,  check whether the connection is correct or not. Do you install the illustration above?

2. Rear view camera can not work suddenly, it is also check whether the line is loose or check whether the backup camera has been damaged.

3.The last thing you can’t do, check the car directly to 4S and let the staff check it for you.

A:How to install backup camera?
Q:How to install backup camera step by step guide.

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